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Why should you choose CloudFair? For just $20 yearly, members have:


Why should you choose the FREE CloudFair application system?

  • Unlimited access to search for and apply to CloudFair partner events.

  • One application to complete for multiple submissions to CloudFair partners.

  • The ability to update and monitor applications on the road in real time.

  • Fairs, festivals and events searching to find you.

  • Ask about the Audit Module for concession sales.

  • Vendors want to use CloudFair to submit their applications.

  • Your event is searchable, allowing vendors find you and submit their application.

  • A digitized application allows you to keep vendors organized and in one place.

  • Vendor search allows you to find new vendors by a specific category.

  • CloudFair’s secure cloud based software enables you and your staff to work smarter and more efficiently.

  • Ask about the Audit Module for concession sales.

Some Basic Information

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Vendors Love CloudFair

Event Staffs Love CloudFair

CloudFair is

There are many benefits offered by CloudFair.

  • It's FREE to Fairs, Festivals and Events because vendors are paying for this service.

  • It's a complete and easy online Application System that benefits both the Event and the Vendor.

  • 97 percent of professional vendors want the features of CloudFair to be available to them for their use.

  • It's where your organization advertises all your events to a database of professional vendors.

  • It's where your organization can search and find vendors by category.

  • It's available 24/7 from anywhere you can log in.

  • It's where your vendor contracts can be exported to excel, making it possible to print contracts, lists, labels and many more forms.

  • It's a secure cloud based program designed from scratch by the fairs, festivals and vendors.

  • It includes an 'Audit System' to submit and track concession sales.


CloudFair is what JK Dots has wanted for years, a software that is all inclusive about our business, who we are, equipment used, and what our needs are to do what we do. One completed application used for multiple submissions to Cloudfair partners, plus the ability to update and monitor applications anywhere at anytime.

This software, if used, prevents missing application deadlines that can occur while traveling our circuit.

The fairs and events using this software will safe time and money and will get a fully completed application leaving nothing to chance.

Jan and Karen Gary
Leap of Faith Adventures, Inc.
Dba: JK DOTS, Dippin' Dots, Ice Cream of the Future


Cloud Management

Log into YOUR CloudFair account from anywhere and stay on top of all the fair details.

Vendor Applications

Run all your concession and exhibitor applications through CloudFair's digital submission form.

Gross Sales Reports

With CloudFair, experience sales trends and data analysis in a way you never have before.

Easy to Use

CloudFair was developed by fair professionals for fair professionals. Anyone can be up and running in minutes.

Daily Sales Input

With CloudFair, vendors have the ability to input sales data and have totals calculated automatically, helping reduce errors and improve efficiency.

Simplify the Audit

CloudFair speeds up the audit process, allowing you to spend less time on data entry and more time on other important duties.

Save Time & Trees

Cloud-based computing allows you to respond to vendor inquiries and applications within seconds. Give your printer a break and view reports digitally.


CloudFair makes it easy to export contracts to your word processing program for quick editing and printing.

Empower the Vendor

Equip your vendors with CloudFair tools in order to communicate with them directly and share information effortlessly.

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